React/React Native/TypeScript/Rails Fullstack Developer.

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Skill List

Skill Description
General skills Code writing with awareness of SRP and DRY.
Defining details of tasks by communicating with stakeholders.
Sharing important knowledge with co-workers.
2019~ Automatic dev environment building
Developing images deployed to container management services such as AWS ECS.
Speeding up the process of building images by reducing image size and setting volumes on directories that have high demand for I/O.
Ruby on Rails
2020~ Developing GraphQL servers.
Developing REST API servers.
Developing MPAs (Vanilla JavaScript, JQuery, SCSS).
Unit testing with RSpec.
Mocking with RSpec Mocks.
Implementing business logic with Active Interactor.
Scheduling with Whenever.
Implementing a mailing batch (10^4 order).
introducing static analysis of Rubocop.
REST API validation with Committee.
Automatic deployment with Capistrano.
Working with third party APIs(Stripe, Instagram, TikTok, etc.).
Generating PDFs with Wicked PDF.a
Generating Excels with Caxlsx.
Upgraded Rails from 6.1.7 to
2019~ Developing GraphQL servers.
Developing MPA (Vanilla JavaScript, SCSS).
Unit testing.
React, TypeScript
2020~ Frontend development with Next.js.
Injecting dependency with TSyringe.
Persistent/Non-persistent storage management with Redux.
Implementing synchronous/asynchronous Thunks with Redux Toolkit.
Building forms with React Hook Form.
Validating with Zod.
Implementing GraphQL Client with Apollo Client.
Designing UIs with Material UI.
Implementing infinite scroll with FlatList React.
Working with IndexedDB using Dexie.js.
Logging real-time activities with browser events, mouse events, and keyboard events.
Building custom hooks.
Building provider component for authentication.
Unit testing with Jest.
Component testing with Storybook.
AWS Cognito, Lambda
2023~ Building unified authentication with Cognito.
Building multi-factor authentication (Email/TOTP/SMS) logic with Custom Auth Flow.
Building Lambda function to send notification emails after logging in.
AWS EC2, Load Balancer
2020~ Load balancing multiple instances.
Security measures by setting jump server.
2023~ Implementing delayed-asynchronous task messages queueing.
2022~ Developing a custom theme with TailWind.
Testing with PHPUnit.
Others Git 2019~
Node.js 2020~
Material UI 2020~
JQuery 2019~
TailWind 2022~
Bootstrap 2019~
SCSS/CSS 2019~
Redash 2023~
SendGrid 2023~
Stripe 2022~
TikTok Login Kit 2022~
Instagram Graph API 2021~
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